Panera Bread Menu with Prices (2024)

Are you hungry for a fresh flavour that doesn’t break the bank?

Look no further than the Panera Bread menu! Whether you’re craving a hearty breakfast sandwich, a warm and comforting soup, or a crisp and refreshing salad, Panera has something to satisfy every tastebud, all with clearly listed prices to help you budget your cravings.

Explore their bakery delights, discover hidden gems on the Panera Kids menu, and even browse catering options for your next gathering. Dive into the Panera menu today and discover a world of delicious possibilities!

Panera Catering Menu

Prices can vary depending on the cafe and location.

Dive into the world of delectable dining with the Panera Catering Menu. Known for its broad selection of hearty and flavorful offerings, the Panera Bread Catering Menu is your go-to choice for any occasion.

Kickstart your mornings with Panera Breakfast Catering Menu, offering a variety of delicious options to begin your day on a high note. 

And when it comes to convenience and taste, Panera Catering Menu boxed lunches are second to none. Experience the joy of great food with Panera Catering today!

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Panera Bread Gift Cards

Panera Bread offers a variety of gift cards that you can purchase for your friends, family, or yourself. These Panera gift cards can be used to make purchases at participating Panera Bread bakery cafés in the US.

You can easily check your Panera gift card balance either online on their website or at one of their over 2,000 cafe locations. If your gift card does not have a PIN, you can visit a Panera Bread location for assistance.

While eGift cards are redeemable online only, they are not redeemable for cash, except in states where required by law. As per the information available, there is no mention of an expiry date for these cards, implying that Panera gift cards do not expire.

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Faqs About Panera Bread Menu

Is Panera getting rid of menu items?

Panera occasionally removes or replaces menu items as they test new offerings and adjust to customer preferences. It’s best to check their website or app for the latest menu updates.

Does Panera Bread have a gluten-free menu?

Yes, Panera offers a Gluten-Free Menu with various items made without gluten-containing ingredients. However, due to shared equipment and preparation areas, they cannot guarantee the complete absence of gluten. Please consult a healthcare professional for informed dietary choices.

What is the Panera Bread menu?

Panera offers a wide variety of menu items, including:

  • Breakfast: Sandwiches, power egg bowls, oatmeal, pastries, and more.
  • Lunch & Dinner: Salads, sandwiches, soups, mac and cheese, flatbreads, and more.
  • Bakery: Breads, bagels, pastries, cookies, muffins, and more.
  • Beverages: Coffee, tea, smoothies, soft drinks, and more.

You can find the full menu with detailed descriptions and nutritional information on their website: Panera Bread Menu

What soups are served at Panera?

Panera offers a rotating selection of hot and cold soups, including classics like Broccoli Cheddar and Creamy Tomato. The current soup selection can be found on the Panera website or app.

Is Panera Bread Pizza Healthy?

The healthiness of Panera’s Pizza depends on your dietary goals and portion control. While their pizzas offer protein and vegetables, they also contain higher carbohydrates and sodium. For a healthier choice, consider choosing a smaller size, a thin crust, and customizing your toppings.

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