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Chili’s Happy Hour (2024)

Chili’s Happy Hour Menu: Unwinding with Bites and Booze on a Budget

Craving delicious appetisers and refreshing drinks without breaking the bank? You only need to visit Chili’s Happy Hour! This Tex-Mex oasis has a lively environment, welcoming staff, and a menu full of mouthwatering specials that will lighten your pocketbook and tempt your taste buds. Whether unwinding after work, catching up with friends, or simply seeking a mid-week pick-me-up, Chili’s Happy Hour delivers a delightful escape. Let’s dive into the goodness:

Appetisers to Share and Savor

Chili's Happy Hour
#Chili’s Happy Hour

Chili’s Happy Hour shines with a selection of delectable appetisers, all offered at half their regular price. This is your chance to indulge in bite-sized bliss without the guilt!

  • Chili’s Triple Dipper: A classic trio of Chili’s favourites, boneless chicken wings, southwestern eggrolls, and Texas cheese bites served with creamy ranch, spicy jalapeno ranch, and tangy honey mustard dips.
  • Chili’s Queso Blanco: warm, gooey queso blanco with tortilla chips, perfect for dipping and sharing.
  • Chili’s Bloomin Onion: The iconic Bloomin Onion, crispy-fried and ready for dunking in your favourite sauce.
  • Chili’s Molten Chocolate Cake: An indulgent way to cap off your Happy Hour spread is with a warm, gooey chocolate cake with a melted centre served with vanilla ice cream.

Booze to Bustle Your Spirits

Chili's Happy Hour
#Chili’s Happy Hour

No Happy Hour is complete without a cool drink, and Chili’s has them! Take advantage of savings on a variety of wines, beers, and cocktails.

  • Chili’s Presidente Margarita: Made with tequila, orange liqueur, and lime juice, Chili’s classic margarita is available frozen or on the rocks.
  • Chili’s Tito’s Bloody Mary is a spicy and savoury classic, perfect for brunch lovers and hangover heroes.
  • Chili’s Tequila Trifecta: A shot of tequila paired with a lime wedge and a mini Corona beer—a mini fiesta in every sip!
  • Chili’s Bud Light and Modelo: Draft beers available in various sizes, perfect for catching the game or simply kicking back.

Feeling adventurous? Ask your bartender about their Margarita of the Month, a unique and delicious concoction that changes every four weeks.

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Happy Hour Hacks for the Savvy Saver

Maximize your Chili’s Happy Hour experience with these insider tips:

  • Gather your friends: Sharing appetisers and drinks with friends makes the experience even more fun and affordable.
  • Plan your visit: Happy Hour times can vary by location, so check your local Chili’s website or call ahead to confirm.
  • Download the Chili’s app: Access exclusive Happy Hour deals, coupons, and rewards directly on your phone.
  • Skip the rush: Happy Hour gets busy, especially on Fridays and Saturdays. Consider heading in earlier in the week for a more relaxed experience.

Bonus tip: Pair your Happy Hour feast with Chili’s 3 for Me deal. Select an appetiser, entree, and dessert for a comprehensive and fulfilling dinner at a specially discounted price.

Chili’s Happy Hour: More Than Just Deals

It’s not just the deals that make Chili’s Happy Hour specials. It’s a warm place to relax and interact because of the lively ambience, attentive service, and cosy seats. Whether you’re a seasoned chilli fan or a newcomer looking for a fun and affordable escape, Happy Hour is the perfect way to experience the best of this Tex-Mex chain.

So, grab your friends, gather your courage, and dive into the delectable world of Chili’s Happy Hour. With its tempting bites, refreshing drinks, and lively atmosphere, it’s the perfect way to unwind, connect, and create lasting memories all on a budget!

Chili’s Happy Hour Prices

Chilis Happy Hour Appetisers (Half Price)

Item Regular Prices Happy Hour Prices
Triple Dipper (Wings, Eggrolls, and Texas Bites) $13.99 $6.99
Queso Blanco $8.49 $4.24
Bloomin’ Onion $10.99 $5.49
Molten Chocolate Cake $9.49 $4.74

Chilis Happy Hour Drinks (Discounted)

Item Regular Prices Happy Hour Prices
Presidente Margarita (Frozen or Rocks) $8.49 $6.79
Tito’s Bloody Mary $8.99 $7.19
Tequila Trifecta (Shot with Lime and Corona) $7.99 $6.39
Bud Light (16oz) $4.49 $3.00
Modelo (16oz) $4.99 $4.00
Margarita of the Month (Price varies) Varies Ask your bartender!

Additional Deals:

  • Chili’s 3 for Me: Choose a starter, entree, and dessert for a discounted price. Prices vary depending on selections.
  • Download the Chili’s App to access exclusive Happy Hour deals, coupons, and rewards.

Please note:

  • Prices may vary slightly depending on the location.
  • Happy Hour times and offerings may vary by location.

I hope this price table provides a clear and concise overview of the deals available during Chili’s Happy Hour. Remember to check your local Chilies for specific details and additional offerings.

Chili’s Happy Hour Times

Day Start Time End Time Notes
Monday 3:00 PM 6:00 PM Standard Happy Hour
Tuesday 3:00 PM 6:00 PM Standard Happy Hour
Wednesday 3:00 PM 6:00 PM Standard Happy Hour
Thursday 3:00 PM Closing Extended Happy Hour
Friday 3:00 PM 6:00 PM Standard Happy Hour
Saturday All Day Closing All-Day Happy Hour
Sunday All Day Closing All-Day Happy Hour


  • This table reflects the most common Happy Hour times at Chili’s locations. Always confirm with your local Chili’s for the most accurate information, as specific times may vary.
  • Thursday and Saturday offer extended Happy Hours, with discounts lasting until closing.
  • Enjoy Happy Hour all day on Saturday and Sunday! This is perfect for brunch, pre-dinner bites, or a relaxed evening out.

Frequently Asked Questions

What days and times is Chili’s Happy Hour?

Happy Hour times vary by location, so check your local Chili’s website or call ahead to confirm. Generally, it’s offered Monday-Friday during late afternoon and early evening hours, like 3–7 p.m.

What appetizers are half-priced during Happy Hour?

Chili’s offers a selection of their most popular appetizers at half price during Happy Hour, including Triple Dipper, Queso Blanco, Bloomin’ Onion, and Molten Chocolate Cake.

What drinks are discounted during Happy Hour?

Enjoy reduced prices on select beers, wines, and cocktails, like Presidente Margaritas, Tito’s Bloody Marys, Tequila Trifecta shots, and Bud Light and Modelo drafts. Remember to ask about the Margarita of the Month!

Does Chili’s offer any other deals during Happy Hour?

Yes! Download the Chili’s app for exclusive Happy Hour deals and coupons. You can also pair your Happy Hour feast with the Chillis 3 for Me deal, which includes a starter, entree, and dessert at a special price.

Does Chili’s have Happy Hour?

Absolutely! Chili’s offers a popular Happy Hour with discounted appetizers, drinks, and a vibrant atmosphere. The specific times and offerings may vary by location, so check with your local restaurant.

Can I make reservations for Happy Hour?

Reservations are not typically accepted for Happy Hour. It’s on a first-come, first-served basis, so consider arriving earlier during peak times to avoid waiting.

Does Chilli offer Happy Hour specials for online orders?

Most Chili’s Happy Hour deals are available for dine-in only. However, some locations may offer online ordering with Happy Hour discounts. Check your local Chili’s website or app for details.

Can I use my Chili’s rewards points during Happy Hour?

You can use your Chili’s Rewards points to pay for your Happy Hour order or earn points on your purchase.

What is the best way to learn about upcoming Happy Hour specials and events?

Keep up with Chili’s on social media (Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter) or subscribe to their email list to get news about their exciting events, new menu items, and happy hour deals.

What time is Chili’s Happy Hour?

In most locations, Happy Hour runs Monday–Friday from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. However, some restaurants offer a daily Happy Hour or slightly different times. Always double-check with your local Chili’s for the most accurate information.

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