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KFC Menu & Prices in UK 2024

KFC Menu & Prices in the UK

If you’re a fried chicken enthusiast or just curious about what KFC has to offer in the UK, you’re in for a treat. Let’s dive into the tantalizing world of the KFC menu and explore the prices that make the experience both delicious and wallet-friendly.

A Finger-Lickin’ Start

To kick off your KFC culinary journey, consider starting with the iconic Original Recipe Chicken, a crispy delight that has been winning hearts for decades. The secret blend of 11 herbs and spices ensures a taste that’s unparalleled. Whether you opt for a classic bucket or a sharing platter, the first bite is an experience worth savoring.

Wholesome KFC Meal Deals

For those seeking a complete meal, KFC meal deals are a game-changer. From the Boneless Banquet to the Zinger Stacker Meal, these combos offer a perfect balance of chicken, sides, and a refreshing beverage. KFC meal deals not only satisfy your taste buds but also provide great value for your money.

Prices that Make You Smile

Budget-Friendly Buckets

KFC understands the importance of a good deal. If you’re feeding a group or just want a hearty feast, the Family Feast Bucket or the Party Bucket might be your best companions. Packed with a variety of chicken pieces and sides, these buckets are designed for sharing and creating memorable moments.

Pocket-Friendly Snacking

Craving a quick snack without breaking the bank? KFC’s Snack Boxes are a go-to option. Whether it’s the Mini Fillet Burger Box or the Boneless Box, you can enjoy a satisfying meal without compromising your budget.

KFC Breakfast Menu

KFC Menu & Prices
#KFC Breakfast Menu

If you’re a breakfast enthusiast and a fan of the world-famous KFC, get ready to kickstart your day with a breakfast that’s as finger-lickin’ good as their legendary fried chicken. Let’s explore the delectable offerings on the KFC breakfast menu that will make your mornings brighter.

1. Colonel’s Original Recipe Twister

  • Start your day with a twist! The Colonel’s Original Recipe Twister combines the signature KFC flavor with breakfast goodness. A warm tortilla wraps around a delicious filling of crispy bacon, scrambled eggs, cheese, and hash brown bites.

2. Chicken AM

  • For those who believe in starting the day with a protein boost, the Chicken AM is a perfect choice. It features the iconic KFC Original Recipe chicken fillet, bacon, cheese, and a hash brown, all served in a flaky bun.

3. Pancakes with Syrup and Butter

  • Indulge your sweet tooth with KFC’s fluffy pancakes, served with a generous drizzle of syrup and a dollop of butter. A delightful morning treat that satisfies your craving for something sweet.

Affordable Breakfast Options

1. KFC Breakfast Box

  • If you’re looking for a hearty breakfast that covers all the essentials, the KFC Breakfast Box is the answer. It typically includes a selection of breakfast items like hash browns, sausage, eggs, and a drink.

2. Bacon Roll

  • Sometimes, simplicity is key. The Bacon Roll features crispy bacon in a soft roll, making it a quick and satisfying option for those on the go.

KFC Allergen Menu

KFC Menu & Prices
#KFC Allergen Menu

For individuals with food allergies, dining out can sometimes be a challenging experience. However, at KFC, your safety and satisfaction are their top priorities. Let’s explore the comprehensive KFC Allergen Menu, ensuring that every flavorful bite is enjoyed with confidence.

1. Allergen Information at Your Fingertips

  • The KFC Allergen Menu provides clear and detailed information about allergens present in their menu items. This includes common allergens such as gluten, dairy, soy, nuts, and more.

2. Navigating the Allergen Guide

  • When perusing the KFC Allergen Menu, you’ll find a user-friendly guide that categorizes allergen information for each menu item. This allows you to make informed choices based on your specific dietary needs.

Allergen-Friendly Options

1. Grilled Chicken

  • If you’re looking for a protein option without certain allergens, KFC’s Grilled Chicken is often a safer choice. It is seasoned to perfection and cooked without the use of a deep fryer.

2. Sides and Accompaniments

  • Many of KFC sides, such as the Green Beans and Corn on the Cob, are allergen-friendly. The allergen guide will help you identify the sides that align with your dietary requirements.

KFC Menu Calories

KFC Menu & Prices
#KFC Menu Calories

For those mindful of their calorie intake while craving the irresistible flavors of KFC, we’ve got you covered. Let’s delve into the KFC menu calories, providing you with a breakdown of the nutritional information to help you make informed and delicious choices.

1. Caloric Content on Display: The KFC Menu Calories are transparently displayed, allowing you to see the calorie count for each menu item. This information empowers you to create a meal that aligns with your dietary goals.

2. Navigating Caloric Options: Whether you’re looking for a low-calorie option or planning a balanced meal, the menu offers various choices. From lighter options like the Grilled Chicken to heartier meals, the caloric details guide your decision-making.

KFC Menu Calories

Menu Item Calories (per serving)
Kentucky Grilled Chicken 250
Crispy Chicken Sandwich 550
Chicken Caesar Salad 400
Green Beans (Regular) 30
Corn on the Cob (Regular) 180

1. Kentucky Grilled Chicken:

For those seeking a protein-packed option with fewer calories, the Kentucky Grilled Chicken is a flavorful choice. It’s marinated and seasoned to perfection, providing a tasty yet lower-calorie alternative.

2. Sensible Sides:

Opt for sides like Green Beans or Corn on the Cob to complement your meal with fewer calories. These sides offer nutritional value without compromising on taste.

KFC Kids Menu

KFC Menu & Prices
#KFC Kids Menu

If you’re looking for a family-friendly dining experience that caters to the taste buds of your little ones, the KFC Kids Menu is a treasure trove of delightful options. Let’s embark on a culinary journey designed especially for young appetites, where every bite is a flavorful adventure.

Kid’s Meal Options

The KFC Kids Menu is crafted to suit the preferences of young diners. Each Kid’s Meal typically includes a main course, a side, a beverage, and a fun toy to make the dining experience extra special.

Kid-Friendly Favorites

2. Popcorn Chicken Kids Meal

  • A miniature version of the classic KFC Popcorn Chicken, this meal is bite-sized and perfect for little fingers. Served with a choice of side and a drink, it’s a flavorful adventure for tiny taste buds.

1. Chicken Little Sandwich Kids Meal

  • A mini sandwich featuring a tender chicken fillet, pickles, and a soft bun. Paired with a side and a drink, it’s a kid-friendly take on the iconic KFC sandwich.

Nutritious and Delicious

1. Healthier Side Options

  • The KFC Kids Menu includes healthier side choices such as Apple Slices or Mashed Potatoes to ensure a balanced and nutritious meal for young diners.

2. Beverage Choices

  • Quench their thirst with a selection of kid-friendly beverages, including options like Apple Juice or Milk, providing a wholesome accompaniment to their meal.

KFC Most Popular Items

Menu Prices
Hot Wings Meal: 10 pc £9.99
Original Recipe Chicken: 2 pc £4.49
Boneless Bundle: 8 PC £10.00
Large Popcorn Chicken £6.99
Zinger Burger £6.49

KFC UK Lunch Menu

Menu Prices
Boneless Banquet £10.49
Boneless Meal: 4 pc £9.99
Fillet Burger Meal £7.99
Trilogy Box Meal £11.49
Large Popcorn Chicken Meal £8.49
Zinger Burger Meal £7.99
Twister Wrap Meal £7.99
Original Recipe Ricebox with a Drink £7.49

KFC UK Sharing Buckets Menu

Menu Prices
Bargain Bucket: 6 pc £17.99
Bargain Bucket: 10 pc £22.99
Bargain Bucket: 14 pc £26.99
Family Feast: 6 pc £19.99
Family Feast: 10 pc £24.99
Wicked Variety Bucket: 6 pc £22.99
Wicked Variety Bucket: 10 pc £27.99
Dipping Boneless Feast: 8 pc £22.99
Dipping Boneless Feast: 12 pc £27.99
Party Bucket £39.99
Boneless Bundle: 8 PC £10.00

KFC UK Box Meals Menu

Menu Prices
Boneless Banquet £10.49
Trilogy Box Meal £11.49
Fillet Box Meal with 1 pc Chicken £9.99
Zinger Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings £9.99
Fillet Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings £9.99
Zinger Box Meal with 1 pc Chicken £9.99
Fillet Tower Box Meal with 1 pc Chicken £10.99
Fillet Tower Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings £10.99
Zinger Tower Box Meal with 1 pc Chicken £10.99
Zinger Tower Box Meal with 2 Hot Wings £10.99
Twister Wrap Box Meal with 1 Mini Fillet £9.99

KFC UK Burgers Menu

Menu Prices
Fillet Burger Meal £7.99
Zinger Burger Meal £7.99
Fillet Tower Burger Meal £8.99
Zinger Tower Burger Meal £8.99
Zinger Stacker Meal £9.99
Fillet Burger £6.49
Zinger Burger £6.49
Fillet Tower Burger £7.49
Zinger Tower Burger £7.49
Zinger Stacker £8.49

KFC UK Buckets For One Menu

Menu Prices
Mighty Bucket For One Meal £10.49
Boneless Meal: 4 pc £9.99
Boneless Meal: 3 pc £8.99
Colonel’s Meal: 4 pc £9.99
Colonel’s Meal: 3 pc £8.99
Colonel’s Meal: 2 pc £6.99
Large Popcorn Chicken Meal £8.49
Regular Popcorn Chicken Meal £6.99
Hot Wings Meal: 10 pc £9.99
Hot Wings Meal: 6 pc £9.49

KFC UK Twister Wraps Menu

Menu Prices
Twister Wrap £6.49
Twister Wrap Meal £7.99
Twister Wrap Box Meal with 1 Mini Fillet £9.99

KFC UK Riceboxes & Salads Menu

Menu Prices
Original Recipe Ricebox with a Drink £7.49
Zinger Ricebox with a Drink £7.49
Veggie Ricebox with a Drink £6.99
Original Recipe Salad Box with a Drink £6.99
Zinger Salad Box with a Drink £6.99
Original Recipe Ricebox £6.99
Zinger Ricebox £6.99
Veggie Ricebox £6.49
Original Recipe Salad Box £6.49
Zinger Salad Box £6.49

KFC UK Snacks Menu

Menu Prices
Mini Fillet £2.49
Hot Wings: 2 pc £2.29
Kansas BBQ Dipped Bites £3.99
Sweet Chilli Dipped Bites £3.99
Large Popcorn Chicken £6.99
Regular Popcorn Chicken £5.49
Mini Fillet Burger £2.99
Original Recipe Chicken: 1 pc £2.49
Original Recipe Chicken: 2 pc £4.49
BBQ Mini Wrap £2.99
Flamin’ Mini Wrap £2.99

KFC UK Cookies Menu

Menu Prices
Chocolate Chip Cookie £1.59
White Chocolate Cookie £1.59
4 Cookies £4.99

KFC UK Sides Menu

Menu Prices
Regular Fries £2.49
Regular Gravy £2.49
Regular Beans £2.49
Corn Cob: 1 pc £2.49
Regular Coleslaw £2.49
Regular Creamy Mash £2.49
Regular Southern Rice £1.99
Regular Garden Salad £2.49

KFC UK Dips Menu

Menu Prices
Garlic Buttermilk Mayo £0.50
Smokey BBQ £0.50
Supercharger £0.50
Sweet Chilli £0.50
Real Tomato £0.50

KFC UK Drinks Menu

Menu Prices
Pepsi MAX 1.5 L Bottle £3.49
Diet Pepsi 1.5 L Bottle £3.49
Tango 1.5 L Bottle £3.49
Pepsi MAX Can £1.79
Tango Can £1.79
Still Water 500ml £1.99
0 £1.79

KFC UK Kids Buckets Menu

Menu Prices
Kids’ Bucket: Kids’ Burger £5.49
Kids’ Bucket: Mini Fillet & Dip £5.49
Kids’ Bucket: Popcorn Chicken £5.49

FAQS About KFC UK Menu

Whether you’re a long-time KFC enthusiast or a newcomer eager to explore the menu, we’ve compiled a list of frequently asked questions about the KFC UK menu to guide you through the flavorful offerings.

1. What are the popular items on the KFC UK menu?

The KFC UK menu features a variety of popular items, including the classic Original Recipe Chicken, Zinger Burgers, Fillet Tower Burgers, Boneless Banquets, and a range of delicious sides like fries, coleslaw, and corn on the cob.

2. Are there any vegetarian options on the KFC UK menu?

Yes, KFC UK offers vegetarian options, including the Veggie Burger and the Veggie Rice Box. These options provide a tasty alternative for those looking for meat-free choices.

3. Can I customize my order on the KFC UK menu?

KFC UK often allows customization of orders. You can inquire about modifying ingredients or adjusting portion sizes based on your preferences.

4. Are there any exclusive deals or promotions on the KFC UK menu?

KFC UK frequently introduces special deals and promotions. Keep an eye on their website, mobile app, or in-store promotions for the latest discounts and offers.

5. How can I find the nutritional information for items on the KFC UK menu?

The nutritional information for items on the KFC UK menu is usually available on the official KFC UK website. You can access detailed information about calories, fat content, and more.

6. Is the KFC UK menu available for delivery?

Yes, KFC UK often offers delivery services. You can check their official website or use popular food delivery platforms to place your order for home delivery.

7. What time does KFC serve breakfast in the UK?

Breakfast serving times at KFC UK may vary by location. It’s recommended to check with your local KFC restaurant for specific breakfast hours.

8. Can I order KFC online from the UK menu?

Yes, KFC UK typically offers online ordering through their official website or mobile app. You can browse the menu, customize your order, and have it delivered or ready for pickup.

9. Are there any allergen-free options on the KFC UK menu?

While KFC UK may not have specific allergen-free options, they provide an allergen guide that details the presence of allergens in each menu item. You can use this guide to make informed choices based on your dietary needs.

Does KFC UK offer a rewards or loyalty program for frequent customers?

KFC UK may have a loyalty or rewards program. Check their official website or inquire at your local KFC for information about any existing customer loyalty programs.

Explore the KFC UK menu with these FAQs in mind, and you’ll be well-prepared to make the most of your dining experience at this iconic fast-food chain.

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