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Waffle House Breakfast Sides (2024)

An all-American morning can often be found at Waffle House, the all-night diner where the sound of bacon sizzling, plates clattering, and the warmth of freshly made coffee tell stories of community and great food. The Waffle House Breakfast Sides have been a tried-and-true favorite on their busy breakfast plates for a long time.

Choosing the right sides is important whether you always eat at Waffle House or are making a soulful pilgrimage to this haven of homestyle breakfast. It’s an unwritten culture as complicated as any cooking routine. Fans of Waffle House know that the best way to finish a meal is with the right mix of sides.

First, look at the complete list of Waffle House breakfast sides. This will ensure that your next trip to “Scattered, Smothered, and Covered” land is a success.

Waffle House Sides

Whether you’re a regular at Waffle House or planning a soulful pilgrimage to this haven of homestyle breakfast, mastering the art of selecting sides is crucial. It’s an unwritten culture, as intricate as any culinary ritual. Every Waffle House aficionado knows that a meal can’t be perfect without the right assemblage of sides.

Waffle House has many different sides, so there is something for every taste and budget. Get ready for a ride as we look at some of the most popular choices:

More Than Just Sides

The beauty of Waffle House sides lies in their versatility. Mix and match, create combos, and experiment to find your perfect breakfast plate. Here are some inspiration starters:

  • The Savory Stack: Pair hash browns smothered in cheese with a side of bacon and a fluffy biscuit for a hearty and satisfying start to your day.
  • The Sweet & Savory Delight: Balance your plate with crispy hash browns scattered, a side of creamy grits, and a mini waffle drizzled with syrup.
  • The Light & Fresh Choice: Opt for a fruit cup, raisin toast, and scrambled eggs with spinach for a healthy and refreshing breakfast.
  • The Build-Your-Own Breakfast Bowl: You can make a protein-rich and tasty bowl by combining diced tomatoes, cheese, chopped hash browns, and your choice of protein.

FAQs about Waffle House Breakfast Sides

What are the healthiest side options at Waffle House?

Opt for fruit cups, raisin toast, grits without butter, and scattered hash browns for lighter choices. Remember, portion control is key!

Can I customize my Waffle House side dishes?

Absolutely! Waffle House encourages customization. Ask your server for any modifications, toppings, or substitutions you desire.

What are some unique side dishes to try?

Go for the hash browns, chunked or diced, try country ham, or enjoy a mini waffle as a sweet side.

What are some vegetarian side options?

Grits, fruit cups, raisin toast, and hash browns without meat toppings are excellent vegetarian choices.

Can I take Waffle House sides to go?

Yes, all Waffle House menu items are available for takeout.


Your Waffle House breakfast sides are a personal journey of taste and experience. Customization is key, and the staff is always there to ensure that each visit is just what you’ve been craving. So, next time you find yourself at the doorstep of a Waffle House, armed with the wisdom from this guide, step inside and craft the perfect breakfast that suits your soul. Remember, the day begins at Waffle House, and spirits rise around the simple joy of a good meal—with sides that hit the spot every time.

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