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Sonic Combos with Prices (2024)

Sonic Drive-In is unique because of its retro look, carhop service, and wide range of foods, from juicy burgers to cool slushes. But Sonic Combos are really what make their lineup stand out. They offer a wide range of combinations that bring together flavors and pleasure. People who like easy access to tasty treats may find discovering the Sonic Combo Menus a fun adventure.

Here, we break down all the delicious options Sonic combo meals provide so that your next visit to this hidden drive-in gem is the best for taste and fun.

Sonic Combo Menu

Sonic combos go far beyond basic burgers and fries. From their classic SONIC Cheeseburger Combo to their hearty SuperSONIC Bacon Double Cheeseburger Combo, you’ll find a perfect beef patty option to satisfy your cravings. Are you craving chicken? 

The Sonic Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Combo comes with your dipping sauce, while the Classic Crispy Chicken Sandwich Combo offers a crispy and flavorful alternative. The Chili Cheese Coney Combo and the Sonic All-American Dog Combo are must-try options for hot dog lovers.

The Sonic combos are a labyrinth of options, but fear not—we’re here to guide you through the culinary maze and unveil the hidden treasures. From flavor-packed entrées to sides that complement perfectly, here’s what you need to know to craft your ideal Sonic combos:

Sonic specialty combos offer unique flavor combinations you won’t find anywhere else. The Garlic Butter Bacon Cheeseburger Combo is a delicious twist on the classic, while the Sonic Hickory BBQ Cheeseburger Combo adds a smoky and savory touch. Want to start your day off right? Sonic breakfast combos, like the Sausage Breakfast Burrito Combo and the Bacon Breakfast TOASTER Combo, are perfect for grabbing a quick and satisfying bite.

Sweeten Your Meal with Frozen Treats and Drinks

No Sonic visit is complete without indulging in their iconic Frozen Zone treats. From classic favorites like the Ocean Water® and the Cherry Limeade to new and innovative creations, there’s a frozen drink to quench your thirst and satisfy your sweet tooth. Pair your combo with a SuperSONIC® Blast or a Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough Shake for the ultimate Sonic experience.

Remember: Sonic Happy Hour means half-price drinks from 2 PM to 4 PM, Monday through Friday!

Crafting Your Perfect Sonic Combo

Now that you know how a Sonic Combos is assembled, it’s time to make your perfect meal. Do you pick the tried-and-true classic match or go for something new that makes your taste buds curious? Here are some tried-and-true choices, as well as some new ideas for pairings:

The Classic Combo X

For true Sonic fans, an old favorite will always be fantastic. Get some Regular Tots and a Cherry Limeade to go with your Sonic Cheeseburger. Add a Hot Fudge Sundae to end the meal on a sweet note, and the whole thing is as retro-cool as the drive-in itself.

Grilled Chicken and Green Tea

Sonic Grilled Chicken Sandwich could be eaten with a side salad and Green Iced Tea for a healthier but tasty choice. Having a light and sour Lemonberry Slush to end the meal makes it taste great without making you feel bad.

Build-Your-Own Combo

The great thing about Sonic Combos is that you can mix and match them. If you want to get artistic:

  1. Add extras to your main dish, or choose a higher-quality side dish.
  2. Add one of Sonic dipping sauces to make your food even better.
  3. Finish it off with a milkshake full of your favorite candies.

Nutrition and Wellness

In our food-conscious culture, it’s important to consider nutrition even when indulging. Sonic combos are designed to offer a balance of taste and portion size, but for those with specific dietary needs, it’s essential to be informed.

All About Sonic Allergen Menu

Sonic offers a detailed allergen menu that lists ingredients and potential cross-contaminants. If you have a food allergy, don’t hesitate to ask for this guide or about menu items to ensure a safe dining experience.

Portion Control


Portion sizes at fast-food chains can be sizable, but they don’t have to be daunting. Consider sharing a combo with a friend or pacing your eating to fully enjoy your meal without overindulging.

FAQs About Sonic Combos

The SONIC Cheeseburger Combo, the SuperSONIC Double Cheeseburger Combo, and the Jumbo Popcorn Chicken Combo are some of the most popular choices.

Does Sonic offer any healthy combo options?

Yes! You can customize your combo by choosing grilled chicken, a side salad, or fruit slices. They also offer unsweetened iced tea and water as drink options.

How can I save money on Sonic combos?

Please use Sonic Happy Hour deals, download their app for exclusive coupons and offers, and watch for seasonal promotions.

Can I customize my Sonic combos?

Absolutely! Add, remove, or substitute ingredients to create a combo that suits your taste perfectly.

Is Sonic open late?

With its diverse menu, endless customization options, and delicious frozen treats, Sonic’s combos offer something for everyone. So, head to Sonic and explore the world of tasty combos next time you crave a satisfying and affordable meal!

The Bottom Line

You can choose from many different things on the Sonic combo menus, but they’re also plans for the best fast food experience ever. If you’re going to a Sonic Drive-In soon, remember this guide as you plan a meal that fits your tastes and your sense of fun. Whether you’re playing an old favorite or finding a new one, the Sonic combo experience offers a great mix of tastes with a side of happiness. Each time you visit Sonic, you can make it your own story by thinking about it and coming up with new moves.

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