Sonic Snacks and Sides

Sonic Snacks and Sides with Prices (2024)

Sonic Drive-In is famous for its thick, juicy burgers and well-known milkshakes. But if you look deeper into the menu, you’ll find a treasure trove of tasty Sonic snacks and sides that improve your experience. Sonic has something that will make your taste buds happy, whether you want something cheesy, crunchy, or sweet.

This guide aims to help you find your way around the fun world of Sonic Snacks and Sides. We’ll look at the classics, discover the secret gems, and help you make the best decisions for your tastes. Grab your seat belts for a tasty ride!

Sonic Sides

Sonic Sides are here to steal the show! If you’re in the mood for classic comfort food or new flavour combinations, Sonic has a side dish that will go well with your meal and make your taste buds sing. Foodies, get ready to experience the world of Sonic’s best friends!

  • Sonic Fries: Golden, crispy, and perfectly seasoned, these fries are a timeless classic. Enjoy them with ketchup, salt, or pepper, or elevate them with cheese, chilli, or bacon.
  • Sonic Cheese Fries: Take your fries to cheesy heaven with melted cheddar cheese drizzled on top. Add bacon for a delicious BLT-inspired flavour explosion.
  • Sonic Chilli Cheese Fries: The ultimate comfort food combo! Crispy fries smothered in Sonic’s signature chilli and melted cheddar cheese. This decadent side is a meal in itself.
  • Sonic Tots: Bite-sized potato perfection, fluffy on the inside and crispy on the outside. Dip them in ranch, jalapeno, or cheese sauce for extra flavour.
  • Sonic Chili Cheese Tots: A cheesy twist on the classic! Smother your tots in Sonic’s signature chilli and melted cheddar cheese for a delicious, messy indulgence.
  • Sonic Onion Rings: Hand-breaded and fried to perfection, these sweet and savoury rings are a classic side. Dip them in ketchup, mustard, or honey mustard for extra flavour.
  • Sonic Mozzarella Sticks: Melty, gooey mozzarella cheese encased in a golden, crispy breading. This shareable appetizer is perfect for satisfying cheesy cravings.


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Sonic Snacks

Want a quick bite but don’t want to eat a whole meal? Sonic is on your side, sprinter! The Sonic Snacks menu is full of different tastes and options, so there is something for everyone, no matter what their budget is. Get ready to dive into a world of crunchy classics, sweet temptations, and shareable favorites, all of which are given with the speed and smiles that Sonic is known for.

  • Sonic Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites: Bite-sized bundles of creamy buffalo chicken dip encased in a crispy, golden crust. Dip them in ranch for the ultimate spicy and creamy combo.
  • Sonic FRITOS Chili Pie: A classic comfort food reinvented! Savoury chilli brimming with ground beef, beans, and spices piled high on crunchy FRITOS corn chips. I garnished it with cheese, onions, and jalapenos for a flavour explosion.
  • Sonic Jumbo Popcorn Chicken: Bite-sized pieces of juicy, tender chicken lightly breaded and fried to golden perfection. Perfect for satisfying crunchy cravings, solo or shared.
  • Sonic Corn Dogs: Nostalgia on a stick! A classic hot dog is nestled in a sweet cornbread batter, deep-fried, and served on a stick. Dip them in ketchup and mustard for a timeless treat.
  • Sonic Pretzel Bites: Warm, soft pretzels served piping hot with creamy cheese sauce. Dip them in caramel sauce for an irresistible sweet and salty treat.

Sonic Ice Cream Dreamland:

Sonic ice cream menu is all about sweets! Oreo Cookie Blast and Peanut Butter Banana shakes are rich and creamy. Try the Hot Fudge Brownie Sundae or customize your own with infinite toppings. Enjoy delicious Sonic Blasts with M&Ms or Reese’s Peanut Butter Cups to beat the heat. Try a vanilla or waffle cone or a Premium Waffle Cone Sundae with ice cream, whipped cream, and cherries to satisfy your craving. Remember seasonal delicacies like peppermint drinks in winter and pumpkin spice snacks in fall!

FAQs About Sonic Snacks and Sides

Classic Tots, Chili Cheese Fries, Popcorn Chicken, and seasonal options like Buffalo Chicken Dip Bites, Pulled Pork BBQ Totchos are famous.

Can I customize my Sonic snack and side combos?

Absolutely! Feel free to mix and match, substitute ingredients, and create unique combinations based on your preferences.

What sizes are Sonic sides available in?

Small, Regular, and Large sizes are offered for most sides.

What dipping sauces can I choose from for my sides?

Ketchup, ranch, pepper, honey mustard sauce, salt, BBQ sauce and more!

Are Sonic snacks available all day?

Most snacks are open all day, while some seasonal offerings may be limited.

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